ACCT2346: Create a dynamic financial statement analysis where values are pulled from a set of financial facts: Accounting Data Analytics and Visualisation Individual Assessment 3, SIM, Singapore

Assessment Requirements  Section 1 (10 marks) Overview Create a dynamic financial statement analysis where values are pulled from a set of financial facts based on a company ticker. Assessment Instructions & Criteria To create a dynamic spreadsheet, you must first create a PivotTable (Excel) from the dataset and then create simple horizontal and vertical analysis with Sparklines to answer the following questions. For Section 1 you need to submit your Excel file with the answers to the following questions: Question 1. Submit your excel file with the PivotTable. (2 marks) Question 2. Submit your excel file with horizontal and vertical analysis with sparklines. (2 marks) Question 3. Show the Net Income value for DIS & BAC in 2020 (Round to the nearest million dollars.) (1.5 mark) Question 4. Show the Net Income value for KO & ORCL in 2020 (Round to the nearest million dollars.) (1.5 mark) Question 5. Show the value of [Current Assets] or Assets Current for SBUX & SO in 2020 (Round to the nearest million dollars.) (1 mark) Question 6. Show the direction of the cost of revenue trending for TXN & COF. (1 mark) Question 7. Show (in which of the three years analysed) in which year the operating expense highest as a percentage of revenue for DD & UPS? Stuck with a lot of homework assignments and feeling stressed ? Take professional academic assistance & Get 100% Plagiarism free papers Get A Free Quote Section 2 (10 marks) Overview This section of the assessment task requires you to prepare a visualization storytelling report which includes four (4) visualisations from Tableau or Power BI using a publicly available dataset (e.g. ABS, Worldbank etc) that you collected. The detailed description of this task is provided below where you need to demonstrate understanding of accounting data analytics and visualisations concepts covered in this course. Please provide a 700 word (+/- 10%) narrative that explores your question and shares a story that will benefit your audience. Assessment Instructions Please include the following sections (note: visualisations and reference list do not count toward word count).   Introduction and Background.  Discuss, in brief, your motivation for this dataset. Give context and relevance. What questions do you want to answer? How will your project benefit others? Datasets. Describe the dataset(s) that you are using (you need collect at least one dataset). For the dataset include: Who collected the data?  Who funded the project that the data came from? Other important information about the dataset? Why was the data created and for what purpose? What is the timeline or lineage of the data? Define and describe the variables included in the dataset. How large is the dataset (cases, how many and what are the variables)? What locations are included in the dataset? Describe how the datasets will help you achieve your goals/questions that posed in your introduction, including any limitations. Data Story.The exercises and examples shown in our readings (Weeks 1-12) can help you craft your data story. Create at least four (4) visualisations and a dashboard in Tableau or Power BI. Please include at least one map, at least one bar, at least one table, and at least one line chart. For each visualisation: Tell the reader which data set (if using more than one) each variable comes from, the units (or categories) of the variable, and any other additional information.  Please explore and reference accompanying documentation! Are there any limitations in the data set?  Are there any definitions to share? As mentioned above, make sure that your variables are clearly defined. Please paste these visualisation in your document at appropriate points in your story/narrative. Demonstrate how the visualisations addresses your question/goal. Create a Tableau or Power BI dashboard that includes at least four (4) visualisations and at least two interactive features. Compose a story/narrative that describes your visualisations and tells your audience a story that meets your goals stated your introduction. Please apply the concepts and principles that we have covered in this course. Summary and Conclusions.  References.Please use in-text citations and end-reference list in your report. Submit Your Story in Word.Please submit in a word document with the copies of visualisations and dashboard as well as the workbook from either Tableau or Power BI. Make sure all data sets and all charts are included with at least two interactive features. Write My Assignment Hire a Professional Essay & Assignment Writer for completing your Academic Assessments Native Singapore Writers Team 100% Plagiarism-Free Essay Highest Satisfaction Rate Free Revision On-Time Delivery Section 3 Overview Continuing from Section 2 (above), you are now required to present your data analytics and visualisation story to the board of directors and senior executives. Here, pitching to the appropriate audience becomes crucial, and this presentation must adopt suitable business presentation acumen and visualisation storytelling techniques to explain how your data analytics and visualisations using Tableau or Power BI address the question or problem. You need to focus on at least one aspect of accounting and its role in your story or the solution that you are proposing to address the question or problem that you wanted to answer or solve in Section 2.   Assessment Details After having successfully submitted your data analytics and visualisations story to your manager (Section 2), you now have the approval to present your work to your firm’s board of directors and senior executives for their consideration. Whilst being highly knowledgeable in their business domain, many members of the board and senior management team might not have the knowledge to grasp the technical aspects of your dataset, analytics, and visualisations; what they care about is for the data and insights to be presented in a succinct, digestible, and engaging manner using a 3-minute video presentation. They want to clearly identify the actionable insights which support their decision making regarding the question or problem that you set for your project in Section 2. Assessment Instructions To be successful in this assessment you will record a 3-minute video or vodcast. Feel free to use presentation slides with accompanying visuals. Your presentation should be pitched to the appropriate audience and address the question(s) or business problem(s) that you have identified and provided a narrative story in Section 2. You will incorporate your visualisations(s) into a cohesive narrative, using elements of storytelling and presentation to create an engaging presentation which demonstrates actionable insights for the board of directors and senior executives. Stuck with a lot of homework assignments and feeling stressed ? Take professional academic assistance & Get 100% Plagiarism free papers Get A Free Quote


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