Basic Requirements Minimum 1800 words APA format, including properly formatted in-text citations…

Basic RequirementsMinimum 1800 wordsAPA format, including properly formatted in-text citations and an annotated bibliographyTwo main sourcesFour secondary sources, at least two of which must be scholarly.At least one paraphrase, two direct quotations, and one block quotation–all accompanied properly formatted APA in-text citations.
*Any paper that does not have both in-text citations and corresponding references at the end will automatically receive a 0.
Instructions:Choose a topic related to gender or sexuality (e.g., the Google manifesto, the Isla Vista shootings, the Steubenville rape case, celebrity nude photo leaks, the depiction of sexuality in a particular video game, etc.).Compare and contrast the treatment of gender and/or sexuality in two different commentaries on this topic. Commentaries may come from a variety of sources, including but not necessarily limited to news broadcasts or stories, blogs, message boards, and Twitter feeds. (The commentaries will comprise your primary sources.) Below are a few sample brainstorming questions that might be useful for comparing and contrasting your sources. You may also come up with more questions of your own that might help you to develop your paper.Are the commentaries directed at the same audience? If not, what effect might the target audience have on the messages being conveyed?What kind of effect does the medium of communication have on the messages that come through?How is the language of each commentary similar or different to the other? Why are these similarities or differences significant?Find at minimum of four secondary sources, at least two of which must be scholarly, that you can reference as you compare and contrast commentaries. Rather than looking for secondary sources related directly to your topic, you may need to look for sources related to your topic more generally. For instance, since the peer review process takes quite a while, you would be unlikely to find scholarly sources related directly to a very current event. However, if you wanted to compare and contrast commentaries on the Ray Rice scandal, for instance, you could find relevant sources by searching for “domestic abuse and professional sports.”Using either a subject-by-subject or point-by-point model, compose and revise an 1800-word comparison/contrast of your two commentaries.

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