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Choose one digital innovation (examples: telehealth, wearables, digital devices).What challenges and opportunities have arisen in your healthcare organization or nursing practice while adopting a digital innovation? Please share your experiences and any key insights from these implementations. Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Sample Answer       Telehealth: Challenges and Opportunities Telehealth, the use of digital technologies to deliver healthcare services remotely, has become increasingly popular. Here’s a breakdown of its potential challenges and opportunities: Challenges: Access and Equity: Not everyone has access to reliable internet or the necessary devices for telehealth consultations. This can exacerbate existing healthcare disparities. Full Answer Section       Technological Issues:Technical glitches or user unfamiliarity with technology can disrupt consultations and frustrate both patients and healthcare providers. Standardized Practices and Regulations:Telehealth practices and reimbursement policies may vary across regions, creating confusion and hindering widespread adoption. Building Rapport:Establishing strong patient-provider relationships can be more challenging in a virtual setting. Opportunities: Increased Access to Care:Telehealth can bridge geographical barriers, allowing patients in remote areas or with mobility limitations to access specialists and essential healthcare services. Improved Convenience:Telehealth consultations offer flexibility and convenience for both patients and providers, reducing travel time and wait times in waiting rooms. Enhanced Patient Engagement:Telehealth platforms can be used for remote monitoring, medication reminders, and educational resources, promoting patient engagement in their own healthcare. Cost-Effectiveness:Telehealth consultations can potentially reduce healthcare costs by minimizing unnecessary in-person visits and facilitating early intervention. Key Insights: Successful telehealth implementation requires careful planning and consideration of potential barriers, particularly regarding access and equity. User-friendly interfaces and robust technical support are crucial for ensuring smooth telehealth experiences. Standardized practices and clear regulations are essential for wider adoption and ensuring quality care delivery through telehealth. Building rapport virtually requires intentional effort, such as active listening, clear communication, and leveraging visual aids. By acknowledging the challenges and embracing the opportunities, healthcare organizations and nurses can leverage telehealth to improve access to care, enhance patient engagement, and deliver effective healthcare services in a more convenient and potentially cost-effective manner.   This question has been answered. Get Answer


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