Explain the key concepts and/or insights you learned or gained during the course (readings, course discussions, activities, etc.) and describe how each will influence th

 Complete the Final Reflection Paperrrr. In this four- to six-pagee paperr, explain the key concepts and/or insights you learned or gained during the course (readings, course discussions, activities, etc.) and describe how each will influence the future direction of your spiritual life. In essence, this paperrr picks up where the Spiritual Journey Synopsis left off and asks the following question: Based on the information and experience in the course, where do I go from here? Note that the focus of this assignment is self-reflection and integration rather than critique of course principles. 

  • SpiritualJourney.docx

Running head: SPIRITUAL

Treyvell Baldwin

Spiritual Journey Synopsis

Judson University

People worldwide have different spiritual journey as you would assume because we have all been through different things in our lives. Some of us may have similar spiritual journey while others maybe completely different. That can also be related to one’s background and culture. Upon reading my paper you will see my spiritual journey consist of knowing God is real, God forgives, while continuing to live the I wanted to live and not the life God has designed for me. Although I have always been a firm believer in the Lord it is up to me to figure out if the life, I want to continue to live will involve learning more about him and hos word or continue with just being a believer living the life I please.

I have always been a firm believer. My grandfather is a pastor, and my grandmother is also a firm believer. I grew up watching them serve and honor the Lord. When I was a child, I went to a summer program that was faith based and I decided to get saved at the age of 8. Of course, I knew God loves and God forgives. What more could I understand at the age of eight right. As I grew older to be completely honest, I didn’t think about God that much nor did I think about the way I wanted to live my life. I never attended church. The most I have seen a church was at a funeral. Of course, I walked away knowing a little bit more of Gods word. However, it was not enough to make me join a church or find a church home.

Fast forwarding to my younger adult years. I was 18 I just graduated and decided to get in a relationship with my wife. She also was a firm believer in Christ however, like me she did not try to learn more about God’s word. I will say she has tried many churches then afterwhile she would stop going again. We began to have kids. We started attending churches occasionally for example Easter. However, it still wasn’t enough to keep us going. My wife decided to want to give more Sundays a shot, but I wasn’t feeling it. But I couldn’t let my family attend church without me. It made me feel like crap. Why was I so hesitant I have no idea. I’m sure it had something to do with a lot of the church people I knew that was cruel and mean. I became confused. From my understanding people in a church home should not at in that manner. As I grew older, I understood that nobody is perfect, and we all fall short of God’s glory. I’m not sure what happened but one day my wife and I decided to get closer to God and being serious about attending church more frequently. We began to go to City First. My daughter serves in the church by helping watch the children. Along with my other kids they love their class. My wife got baptized a year ago. After that it seem like we strayed away from the church home letting our circumstances dictate us learning more about God. Then I had classes at Judson that was getting me more familiar with Gods word and understanding the bible. Just recently I started back going to church. I feel good about it. However, I know I desire more, and I must stop sitting on how I feel. It is time for me to get closer to God. I thought to myself that I can do to have a bigger and brighter understanding when it comes to God. I want to be able to pick up the bible read and understand it. I know I can’t do if I don’t take the time to try. I want to be a better example for my kids when it comes to be a God-fearing man. Although I never really took the time out to learn more about Gods word, I can honestly say I never got angry with him confused yes but not angry. I have felt many times in my life that I’m not as dedicated as I should have been in despite of God has always been there for me especially in my darkest times. Which sometimes made me feel worse. I used to tell myself how you could not be dedicated and willing to learn more about the one person who has never failed you who has never left you. I remember in my teenage years I would say God still gone love me. Which was true but I didn’t know anything about putting in work.

Right now, I have come to the conclusion that I want to continue to learn more about God word and figure out what he exactly wants from me. I can not continue to keep living my life I want to live it. I yearn to serve the Lord and his people. Although my spiritual journey has been to a minimum because I don’t know much about God’s word. It is special to me because I love the fact I can honestly want to do right and learn more about God’s word.


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