4.3 Assignment. Interview. Assessment
Getting Started
No matter what field or specialization you plan to pursue or who your clients will be, as a psychologist, you need to develop some basic skills when working with clients from all realms. In Workshop One, you were introduced to the series of interviews that you will conduct for this course: role plays where you will do your best to practice and demonstrate various skills. For this second role play, you will demonstrate basic assessment skills. While you will not be engaging in therapy per se, the skills you will be learning and practicing still apply when consulting with clients as a life coach or I/O specialist/psychologist.
Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:
· Practice using assessment techniques.

· Textbook:  Evidence-Based Practices for Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy
· Video: The Skills of Counseling: Assessment Strategies
· File: Using Kaltura CaptureSpace
· Video: Installing Kaltura CaptureSpace
· Video: Creating and Editing a Kaltura CaptureSpace

Background Information
In this activity, you are a business consultant or a life coach who is working with someone with communication challenges at work.
Alternatively, you can create your own scenario; if you do so, identify the presenting problem or issue, the client, and your role.
Focus on problem solving, not diagnosis. Find an appropriate assessment tool/questionnaire to use.
Before your role play, you can have the “client” take the assessment before your interview session, and then you two can discuss the assessment and how the results can apply to the client’s situation, with an emphasis on demonstrating specific aspects of assessment along with the integration of positive psychology and strengths. Alternatively, you can discuss the value and importance of assessment for the client’s situation, which would be a less formal assessment conversation.

1. Read pages 104–105 and 120 (assessment) in your textbook,  Evidence-Based Practices for Christian Counseling and Psychotherapy.
2. Watch the video “ The Skills of Counseling: Assessment Strategies ,” segments 49:10 to 02:09. Use the Transcript tab to navigate to the 49:10 position of the video and watch until 2:09.
In the video, John emphasizes a collaborative approach to assessment—starting with observation, followed by building a hypotheses based on observations that the client and counselor can evaluate for accuracy and then, ultimately, implement. John works with three clients to demonstrate various assessment strategies, including use of scaling questions, early recollections, strengths-based, and a “typical day” assessment. Following each vignette, Matt and John discuss and debrief, allowing the viewer to gain greater insight into John’s process in working with his clients.
3. You will be using the course tool Kaltura CaptureSpace to complete this video assignment. Read the  Using Kaltura CaptureSpace (Word)  document for more information on installation and recording and submitting a video to Dropbox. You can also watch the following videos:
a. “ Installing Kaltura CaptureSpace ”
b. “ Creating and Editing a Video with Kaltura ”
c. “ Adding a Video in My Media to a Dropbox ”
4. Review the information found in Workshop One on planning for interviews.
5. An essential component of this engagement activity is creating a  script of your planned conversation with the client. Your  script should be a text document that represents the words you plan to say during your practice interview.
a. By creating a script , you will have a plan for your conversation and an approximate time frame for your video because you can plan on about 1 minute per double-spaced page. Double-spacing your text allows for ease of reading while you are recording the video.
b. After you have your script finalized, you are ready to record your video! You are also required to submit your script in order to receive full credit for this assignment.
6. Create a five- to seven-minute video where you practice using assessment techniques. In this activity, you are a business consultant or a life coach and you are working with someone with communication challenges at work. Alternatively, you can create your own scenario: identify the presenting problem, the client, and your role.
a. Focus on problem solving, not diagnosis.
b. Find an appropriate assessment tool/questionnaire to use.
c. In the video, demonstrate your knowledge and expertise (as much as possible) in discussing assessments with the client, focusing on his/her strengths and positive psychology, and demonstrating how to apply the assessment results to the problem or issue. Note your hypothesis based on the client’s problem or issue, along with how you would encourage him/her to apply the assessment results to the situation.
d. Ensure that you are visible in the video; it is optional if your client can be seen, as some may not want to be visible. Practice and replay your practice recording to ensure that both you and your client can be heard and that you (at a minimum) can be seen.





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