In this module, you learned about the troubleshooting process. Sometimes IT professionals have to ensure that the hardware used for a system is compatible with the OS and that the

In this module, you learned about the troubleshooting process. Sometimes IT professionals have to ensure that the hardware used for a system is compatible with the OS and that there is no nonconformance. Nonconformance means you are not meeting the minimum requirements for the OS and compatible hardware that is either within the PC or attached to it. Some older hardware is not always compatible with the newer versions of operating systems. For example, an older adapter from an older MacBook does not plug into newer hardware. In this discussion, you and your peers will discuss the importance of hardware and OS compatibilities.

In your initial post, address the following:

  • Discuss the importance of OS and hardware compatibility and the impact of nonconformance.
  • Explain how troubleshooting hardware differs from troubleshooting software.

In response to two of your peers, address the following:

  • Explain whether you agree or disagree with your peers' claims.
  • Then discuss how you would troubleshoot an issue for a computer that uses an OS that is not recommended based on the hardware (such as a MacBook that has Windows or Linux on it).


OS and hardware compatibility is crucial for a computer system to be able to operate effectively. The hardware and OS are usually designed to connect and work seamlessly together enhancing the overall user experience. The impact of nonconformance between the two can be catastrophic leading to bugs, glitches, system errors, or even crashes altogether. Thats if one would be able to even use the chosen hardware on the operating system.  Depending on a systems hardware specification such as 32-bit or 64-bit installing the wrong one could have serious adverse effects on the user's experience. The first example that came to mind on hardware and OS compatibility was being younger and a relative buying the wrong controller for a gaming system thinking just because the two different systems (PS3 & PS4) were from the same company that the controllers would be interchangeable.

Troubleshooting hardware differs from troubleshooting software in that when troubleshooting the hardware, it tends to be a more physical inspection with a possible updated driver or replacement of the hardware itself. Whereas troubleshooting software I feel can be way more complex. It could be a simple update that remedies the situation, or the software could require too much of the current system components and essentially require a complete system replacement to be feasible. In more complex situations one may even need to look at the software's programming code for a remedy if applicable.


OS & hardware compatibility is critical for seamless performance when it comes to IT infrastructure whether being used in a SOHO or large organization. When nonconformance is present software runs with more interference (freezing, crashing), & system failures are more likely. It also means troubleshooting becomes harder because the software can’t communicate with the hardware or make use of its resources. Any of these issues can lead to increased cost of time & money spent trying to rectify the problems or begin equipment updates that weren’t planned for & therefore disrupt the needs of the user. Nonconformance can also lead to limited functionality as resource management is impacted & features may not work as intended or at all when the software & hardware are at odds.

Troubleshooting hardware requires the physical components of a machine to be inspected & repaired or replaced as needed. The device may be checked for physical damage &/or functionality using specific equipment. Contrary to this tangible troubleshooting, the process for software often means inspecting virtual components such as programs &/or applications for missed updates or incorrect settings. This is done using the OS as opposed to physical tools.


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