Information Systems Assignment

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Program: Project Management Essentials
Lesson 12 Assignment
Lesson 12 Assignment Handout
Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, you will develop a stakeholder register based on the information in the project overview. The project overview and a template table have been provided in the handout below. Your task is to determine the following information and enter it into the stakeholder register table:
Stakeholder name: IT director
Project role: Team member
Area of influence: System design, Budget, Resources
Influence level: High
Classification: Supporting continue
How to Create a Good Stakeholder Register
A good stakeholder register answers essential questions as you move forward in the project. Here are some questions that can be helpful as you seek to identify stakeholders:
Who will be directly impacted or affected by this project? Students, parents, teachers, and doctors are among the people who this project will directly affect or effect.
Who may be indirectly impacted or affected by this project? Parents, students, and healthcare providers are examples of indirect stakeholders who could be touched by this project.
Who may have influence over how this project is implemented? The Project Manager, the IT Department, the School Board, the State Immunization System Management, the School Staff, and the Parents are among the stakeholders who could have an impact on how this is carried out.
Who has required expertise and his or her contribution to the project is essential to project success? The IT department, the school personnel, and the state vaccination system management team are the stakeholders who possess the necessary skills and whose involvement is crucial to the project’s success.
Who are the managers that your team reports to? In this case, the team may report to the superintendent of the school district, the manager of the IT department, and the project sponsor, who may be a senior figure in the state education department or the school district.
Who will use the immunization system? Several parties will use the immunization system, including parents, doctors, and school personnel.
Who will generate reports?
Who will make the determination that this project is a success or failure?
Who is financing this project?
For this assignment, you will create a stakeholder register for the project described below:
Project Overview
You work for the local school district. A new mandate has been handed down that requires every school to record all verified student immunization records into the state immunization database. While it’s not new to verify student immunizations, it has been limited to individual schools and most often a paper-based system. Now paper systems will be converted to a digital system for the entire state. Parents will be able to access the system to get their child’s records, and doctors will update records whenever new immunizations are administered. The good news is that no new computer hardware is needed. The State is providing the immunization system infrastructure and will manage it. However, the school district IT department will need to build the interface to the system.
The project must be completed before enrollment begins next September when the new school year begins. Schools within the district will be required to produce and provide reports to the school board demonstrating they are using the system and tracking each student until immunizations are current and included in the state immunization database. You will need to develop a process to confirm each incoming student has a record in the state immunization database, provide training on the process for each school’s staff, and create a communication plan to inform parents of this new mandate.

You may submit your completed assignment using the following template. This template will serve as a starting point for your stakeholder register.

Stakeholder Register


Project Role

Area of Influence



Project manager

Project management




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