Interview an administrator within your school or district regarding their current area of focus for professional development (i.e., best practices, technology incorporation, cross


Interview an administrator within your school or district regarding their current area of focus for professional development (i.e., best practices, technology incorporation, cross-curricular instruction, collaboration, data analysis, STEM incorporation, and social-emotional learning).

Address the following questions in your interview. Add any additional follow-up questions that are relevant to the discussion.

  • When developing your current professional development plan, what are the goals and how did you identify those goals?
  • What are two examples of job-embedded professional development that you have implemented? Explain the effectiveness of those professional development sessions based on personal reflection or peer/administrator feedback.
  • What are the areas of need in your school or district that may require sustained professional learning? What is the source of this data that informed your choice (e.g., parent feedback, end of year survey)
  • What are the strategies you use to build professional development capacity and job-embedded professional development into your school or district to support the areas of need?

Following your field experience, write a 250-500 word reflection, summarize the interview and provide an explanation of how you will apply what you discussed the findings to your future professional practice.

answers to questions 


Developing a Professional Development Plan

1. Enhance Instructional Strategies: Improve teaching methodologies to boost student engagement and learning outcomes. 

2. Integrate Technology: Effectively incorporate technology into the classroom to facilitate modern learning experiences. 

3. Promote Equity and Inclusion: Develop strategies to create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment. 

Identification of Goals:

Data Analysis: Reviewing student performance data and identifying areas where students struggle. 

Teacher Feedback: Conducting surveys and interviews with teachers to understand their challenges and professional needs. Educational Trends: Keeping abreast of current educational research and trends to ensure that the professional development is relevant and forward-thinking. 

Job-Embedded Professional Development Examples 

Example 1: Peer Observations (Pineapple Weeks)

Implementation: Teachers observe each other’s classes and provide feedback. 

Effectiveness: This practice allows teachers to see different teaching styles and strategies in action, fostering a collaborative environment. Feedback from both teachers and administrators indicated increased awareness and adoption of effective teaching practices. 

Example 2: Collaborative Lesson Planning (Team Planning)

Implementation: Teachers work in teams to plan, execute, and review lessons together. 

Effectiveness: This approach has been effective as it promotes the sharing of ideas and resources, leading to more cohesive and well-rounded lesson plans. Reflective sessions showed an improvement in lesson delivery and student engagement. 

Areas of Need Requiring Sustained Professional Learning 

Areas of Need 

1. Differentiated Instruction: Addressing the diverse learning needs of students. 

2. Classroom Management: Developing strategies to handle classroom behavior effectively. 

3. Data-Driven Instruction: Using data to inform instructional practices and improve student outcomes. 

Source of Data: 

Parent Feedback: Surveys and meetings with parents have highlighted concerns about classroom management and individualized attention. 

End-of-Year Surveys: Teacher surveys indicating the need for more effective use of data in teaching and time to review data.

Performance Data: Analysis of standardized test scores and internal assessments showing gaps in student achievement specifically mathematics.

Strategies for Building Professional Development Capacity


 1. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs):

Implementation: Establish PLCs where teachers regularly meet to discuss strategies, share resources, and review student data. – Support Areas of Need: PLCs provide continuous support and foster a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility for student success. 

 2. Mentorship Programs:  

Implementation: Pair experienced teachers with newer teachers to provide guidance, support, and professional growth opportunities. – Support Areas of Need: Mentorship helps in addressing classroom management and differentiated instruction by providing direct, hands-on support and feedback. 

 3. Workshops, Training Sessions, and Professional Development:  

Implementation: Organize regular workshops focusing on specific areas of need, such as using data in the classroom or implementing new technologies. 

Support Areas of Need: These sessions provide targeted training and the opportunity to practice new skills in a controlled environment before applying them in the classroom. 

 4.Embedded Coaching Cycles: 

Implementation: Employ instructional coaches to work alongside teachers in the classroom, providing real-time feedback and support. Support Areas of Need: Embedded coaching offers personalized professional development, helping teachers implement new strategies effectively and confidently.

By combining these strategies, schools can create a robust professional development framework that addresses current needs while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.


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