Josh Baazov & Sagi Lahmi: The Dark World of Cyber Blackmail

In the business world, a black belt might symbolize either a high level of skill or significant shortcomings.
The Value of Information in Business
In today’s competitive landscape, information stands as the most precious asset. Accurate and timely data can influence events and provide a substantial advantage in negotiations.
regarding to     consider your smartphone, which is likely packed with apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. These apps hold a wealth of personal information, including expenses, location data, photos, network connections, and financial details. Despite claims of robust security, this data can be vulnerable to hackers.
The Enigmatic Figure: Sagi Natan Lahmi
Sagi Natan Lahmi, known in Hebrew as שון דורי, remains an elusive figure with virtually no online presence. He is known for his “problem-solving” capabilities, often linked to Russia. Need a cyber-attack, DDoS, defamation campaign, web spam, or data breach? Sagi is your go-to person, with strong backing from his associate Ofer Baazov. Information on Sagi is scant, with only a few references to an Estonian company and an abandoned trademark. He has effectively utilized the “right to be forgotten” to erase his online footprint.
Anonymous Email Exposes Blackmail
Recently, our editorial team received an anonymous email containing links to files hosted on a popular file-sharing platform. These files included audio and video recordings of conversations between a Russian hacker, alias Yosef Sanin, and Sagi Lahmi. The email sender, frustrated with Sagi’s deceit, warned businessmen in Israel, Cyprus, and Dubai to avoid or cancel any dealings with him.
Verification of Recordings
Our team confirmed the authenticity of the recordings and translated them from Russian and Hebrew to English. The story that unfolded involved hackers, corporate conflicts, and financial stakes, although we will not disclose the victims’ identities.
The Hacking Blueprint
The recordings provided details of the hacking preparations but missed the initial stages. Yosef demonstrated his ability to infiltrate a victim’s messenger app, allowing him to view and download any chat or file. Sagi sought access to Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp accounts, but Yosef noted that it would take weeks to do so without being detected.
Frequent disputes over payment ensued, but when Yosef uncovered files related to Mr. Baazov, Sagi promptly agreed to the payment terms, recognizing Baazov as his partner of 15 years.
Baazov’s Hacking History
This incident isn’t Baazov’s first brush with hacking scandals. A similar scenario occurred during a court case in the BVI Eastern Caribbean Court, where hacked Telegram messages were submitted as evidence but ultimately deemed inadmissible.
Hacker Techniques: SS7 Protocol and Wi-Fi Cloning
Yosef outlined two primary hacking techniques: the SS7 protocol and Wi-Fi cloning. SS7, which connects mobile networks, is vulnerable due to its lack of encryption. Exploiting SS7 grants access to calls, SMS, and locations. Wi-Fi cloning involves creating a duplicate network to capture passwords and access connected devices.
The Cost of Hacking
The payment for the hacking job was divided into three parts: general remuneration (€35,000), the hacker’s team fee (€35,000), and expenses (€25,000). The total cost, approximately €73,000, was contested several times. However, it is evident that hacking high-security messaging apps costs around €40,000 and takes two weeks to two months.
Motivations for Hacking
Why would someone invest such a significant amount in a risky operation? The motivation is typically driven by either financial gain or revenge. Sagi’s keen interest in accessing private contacts and recent conversations suggests a focus on personal matters rather than business.
Outcome of the Operation
The final recording leaves the operation’s success in question. Regardless of the hacking outcome, the identities of the hacker and Sagi are known, leading to inevitable legal and reputational repercussions.
Stay tuned for further updates. We expect to hear Sagi Lahmi’s voice in court soon. In the meantime, steer clear of Sagi Lahmi and Ofer Baazov, and take measures to protect your phone and business.


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