Match the following illness with signs and symptoms.

Infection – Match the illness with it’s signs and symptoms. All the choices are used but some choices may be used more than once.Check your answers by looking back in the notes.


____ Protozoa infects RBCs causing RBC hemolysis and the release of acute phase reactants.

2. Resistant Strep Pneumoniae

____vector- borne virus which causes dyspahgia and brain inflammation when in CNS.

3. VRE

____virus causes mild fever and rash but has a teratogenic effect on a fetus.

4. Cellulitis

___ normal skin bacteria that is now resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics.

5. Botulism

___mild vomitting and watery diarrhea.

6. Tetanus

___Non-bloody diarrhea caused by E Coli contaminated beef.

7. Rabies

___upper respiratory infection that can be prevented with a yearly vaccine.

8. Malaria

___Normal bowel flora that has become resistant to vancomycin.


___S&S include painful skin lesions that follow the path of the dermatome.

10. Strep Throat

___Virus which causes fever and painful pustles in the mouth & esophagus that may hemorrhage.

11. Diphtheria

___dense red maculopapular rash results from a virus that is transmitted by droplets from coughs and sneezes.

12. Pertusis

___ a bacteria, which causes middle ear infections, that is now resistant to penicillin antibiotics.

13. Mumps

___Non-bloody diarrhea caused from Salmonella contaminated fruit.

14. Rubeola

___protozoa that causes greasy, frothy, foul-smelling diarrhea.

15. Rubella

___S&S include fluid filled blisters that start out on the trunk and move outward. The blisters will appear and crust at different times.

16. Varicella

___Bacillus found in the soil that can release an endotoxin called tetanospasm. The illness is AKA “lockjaw”.

17. Variola

___Infection caused by a breach in the dermis.

18. Herpes Zoster

___Yellowish diarrhea caused from Clostridium difficile.

19. Influenza

___Virus that invades the parotid glands.

20. Viral Diarrhea

___Invades the respiratory tract causing a violent cough.

21. Bacterial Diarrhea

___Bloody diarrhea caused by a protozoa.

22. Bacillary (shigella) Dysentery

___Bloody diarrhea caused by a bacillus.

23. Amoebic Dysentery

___S&S include descending, symmetric muscle paralysis.

24. Giardiasis

___Bacteria that causes the formation of apseudomembrane across tonsils & throat.

25. Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea

___Resp- borne infection that may cause scarlett fever.

___Immediate isolation of the patient should occur if found with purpura, fever and recent travel to Liberia .

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