Meiosis lab works sheet



1. Meiosis, sometimes called reduction division, is the type of cell division that produces ____________ cells in males and ____________ cells in females.

2. How many phases are there in meiosis I and what are those?

3. How many phases are there in meiosis II and what are those?

4. Prophase I starts with a ____________ cell.

5. In a process called ____________, each chromosome pairs up with and binds to its corresponding ____________ chromosome, forming a ____________.

6. What is a tetrad? Explain.

7. What are genes? Explain.

8. What are alleles? Explain.

9. What is crossing over (recombination)? Explain.

10. Why is every gamete genetically different from every other gamete?

11. Why are children different from their biological parents, as well as from their biological siblings?

12. During __________________, the nuclear membrane disappears, the centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell, and spindle fibers fan out from them.

13. What happens during metaphase I? Explain.

14. What happens during anaphase I? Explain.

15. What happens during telophase I? Explain.

16. Meiosis I ends with _____ genetically different ____________ daughter cells. Each contains only one set of chromosomes consisting of paired sister __________________.

17. Once the sister chromatids separate during anaphase II, they are called __________________.

18. Meiosis II ends with _____ genetically different ____________ daughter cells. Each containing only one set of chromosomes.

19. What are some key points about meiosis?

20. What are the differences between meiosis I and meiosis II? Explain.

21. Differences between mitosis and meiosis.



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