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Need to make a Persuasive Proposals Word document with using the following rubric and details:

Many individuals feel constrained by the traditional path of pursuing a college education, often leading to student debt, dissatisfaction with coursework, and a lack of fulfillment in their careers. Meanwhile, the allure of entrepreneurship beckons with promises of freedom, creativity, and the potential for significant financial success.

Statement of Purpose:

This presentation aims to challenge the societal norm that college is the only path to success and encourage individuals to consider entrepreneurship as a viable alternative. By exploring the benefits of entrepreneurship and providing practical guidance on getting started, we seek to empower individuals to pursue their passions and create their own paths to success.

Intended Audience:

This presentation is targeted towards:

  1. College students feeling disillusioned with their academic path.
  2. High school students contemplating their post-secondary options.
  3. Parents and educators interested in alternative pathways to success for young people.

Scope of Work:

  • Introduction to the drawbacks of the traditional college path.
  • Exploration of the benefits and opportunities of entrepreneurship.
  • Practical advice on how to get started with entrepreneurship.
  • Success stories and examples of individuals who have pursued entrepreneurship instead of traditional education.
  • Resources and support networks available for aspiring entrepreneurs.


  • Statistics on rising student debt and dissatisfaction with traditional education.
  • Case studies of successful entrepreneurs who did not follow the traditional college path.
  • Surveys or interviews with individuals who have chosen entrepreneurship over college.


  • Emotional Appeal: Tap into the desire for freedom, fulfillment, and autonomy.
  • Logical Appeal: Present data and examples demonstrating the potential benefits of entrepreneurship.
  • Ethical Appeal: Highlight the societal impact of entrepreneurship and the potential to create positive change.

Persuasive Principles:

  • Authority: Share insights and advice from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Social Proof: Showcase testimonials and success stories from individuals who have chosen entrepreneurship.
  • Scarcity: Highlight the limited time and resources available for pursuing entrepreneurship and the potential consequences of delaying action.

AIDA Brainstorming:

  • Attention: Grab attention with startling statistics or compelling anecdotes about the drawbacks of traditional education.
  • Interest: Generate interest by highlighting the benefits and opportunities of entrepreneurship.
  • Desire: Stoke desire by showcasing the potential for success and fulfillment through entrepreneurship.
  • Action: Call to action to encourage individuals to explore entrepreneurship further and take concrete steps towards pursuing their entrepreneurial goals.

Preliminary Outline of Presentation:

I. Introduction

  • Overview of the current challenges with the traditional college path.

II. The Benefits of Entrepreneurship

  • Freedom and flexibility.
  • Potential for significant financial success.
  • Creative fulfillment and autonomy.

III. Getting Started with Entrepreneurship

  • Identifying passions and strengths.
  • Researching and validating business ideas.
  • Building a support network and seeking mentorship.

IV. Success Stories and Examples

  • Case studies of individuals who have pursued entrepreneurship without a college degree.

V. Resources and Support for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Tools, programs, and organizations available to support entrepreneurial endeavors.

VI. Conclusion

  • Call to action to explore entrepreneurship further and take concrete steps towards pursuing entrepreneurial goals.

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