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Peer: Keanna
The term Internet Use Disorder (IUD) refers to a group of symptoms that are brought on by obsessive and excessive internet use, which can cause severe distress or functional impairment. The American Psychiatric Association (2013) lists the following symptoms: obsessive internet use, withdrawal symptoms when not online, failed attempts to reduce internet use, using the internet as an escape or to relieve negative moods, lying about internet use, and jeopardizing opportunities or relationships due to excessive internet use. The potential severity of IUD is highlighted by the similarity of these symptoms to those of behavioral addictions and substance use disorders.
Whether these signs adequately characterize harmful behavior relies on the conditions surrounding the person. In fact, excessive internet use can cause serious anxiety and interfere with day-to-day functioning for certain people, fitting the description of a condition. Some people can use the internet extensively without facing negative consequences, which raises the question of how exact these requirements are.
The decision to exclude IUD from the DSM-5, subject to additional research, is a reflection of the continuous discussion and investigation surrounding its categorization as a separate condition. While some believe that IUD should be recognized because it is similar to other addictive illnesses, others say that it would be best understood in the context of other existing disorders, including behavioral addictions or impulse control disorders. For an understanding of the diagnostic standards, prevalence, and correlation between IUD and other mental health disorders, more study is required.
American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.).


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