PSY259: This ECA requires you to analyse a case study as well as to conduct an observational practice over ten days: Personality and Individual Differences Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

Question 1 This ECA requires you to analyse a case study as well as to conduct an observational practice over ten days to complement your evaluation of the case study. The final paper, including in-text citations and excluding references and appendix (if any), shall be 2,500 words. Anything written beyond the word limit will not be marked. Furthermore, papers that fail to meet a word length of at least 90% of the stipulated word count may be penalised as they are unlikely to include sufficient points to adequately address this question. Write My Assignment Hire a Professional Essay & Assignment Writer for completing your Academic Assessments Native Singapore Writers Team 100% Plagiarism-Free Essay Highest Satisfaction Rate Free Revision On-Time Delivery Through the conceptualisation and delivery of this ECA, you will: 1. demonstrate knowledge and critical analysis of one genetics approach theory as well as one limited-domain approach theory of personality in relation to Strachan’s (2023) piece, ‘The Most Measured Man in Human History’ (; 2. examine your well-being results through a 10-day practice meant to supplement the aforementioned analysis; and 3. apply theoretical concepts to evaluate the outcome of your practice as supplementary case study material. Additional notes/guidance/instructions:  Chapters 7-8 (The Genetics Approach) and 14 (The Limited-Domain Approach) of your textbook (Schultz & Schultz, 2017) will be useful starting points when you conceptualise your paper and research. Reading widely and beyond the textbook content will add depth to the formulation of your study as well as the content of your submission. A good paper will require comprehensive references to relevant research studies. There are many credible resources that you can access from the library and its databases. Always cite credible sources of academic information. Blog entries, online student papers or theses, and websites like Wikipedia and Very well Mind do not count as adequate reference items. You must cite theoretical and empirical evidence to support your arguments, with a minimum of 5 journal articles or published book chapters (excluding the textbook and Study Guide) listed in your reference list. • Upon having done this research to supplement your discussion, remember to use your own words in your paper to demonstrate understanding of the subject matter and to avoid plagiarism. Your essay shall take into account the following: • Recognise the extent to which one genetics theory as well as one limited-domains theory of your choice respectively account for Bryan Johnson’s personality. Buy Custom Answer of This Assessment & Raise Your Grades Get A Free Quote Design a 10-day practice that you would follow to observe outcomes related to this quote from Strachan (2023): Morgan Levine … told Motherboard that our behaviours and lifestyles do play a “major role” in how we age, allowing for individual variation, and that some general, common-sense rules apply: Exercise, eat lots of vegetables, and don’t smoke. For instance, if you are a smoker who uses a smartwatch, you could observe the relationship between the number of daily cigarettes and nightly sleep score over a period of ten days. No dangerous or at-risk behaviours should be involved or are advised for this exercise. Do select behaviours or variables well within your lifestyle, routine, and ability. The first section of your paper is the case study analysis, including a literature review, that compares and differentiates your two selected theories in relation to Johnson. This section must be supported by theoretical and empirical material, in addition to in-text citations from at least 5 different academic sources. This section should conclude with an introduction to and an explanation of your 10- day practice’s design and objective(s). (40 marks) Next, the self-practice section shares details of your method, tests applied (if any), and a discussion of your findings following the ten days. This course does not test statistical know-how and you are not required to use inferential statistics like t-tests or ANOVA. Focus on relevant descriptive statistics to explore and review your data. Include a table of your measurements over the period of study. You may also make use of suitable figures if necessary to provide clarity in your presentation. This section’s discussion should be aligned with an evaluation of either, or both, of your selected theories. This does not mean you or your results have to agree with the theory/theories; you may design a practice to refute the theory/theories. That is, regardless of your direction, you should discuss the extent to which your practice outcomes support concepts or reveal limitations of either or both theories. End your paper with a properly-written, logical conclusion that synthesises the content of both earlier sections. Stuck with a lot of homework assignments and feeling stressed ? Take professional academic assistance & Get 100% Plagiarism free papers Get A Free Quote


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