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200 word response 1 reference/intext citation Due 4/6/2024
A synopsis of Ramirez case involves how he was found guilty on September 20, 1989, of all forty-three counts, including thirteen counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder, eleven counts of sexual assault, and fourteen counts of burglary (Bruno, August 2023). On November 7, 1989, during the penalty phase of the trial, he received a death sentence to be carried out in a gas chamber in California (Bruno, August 2023). Ramirez’s difficult upbringing had a big impact on his crimes. After being beaten by his father on a regular basis, he started to take an interest in horrific and morbid things in his early and mid-teen years. An older cousin had taught him military skills, which he would later use on his murdering spree. He also developed a keen interest in the occult and Satanism. By the time Ramirez went to California at the age of 22, having left his Texas home, he was a regular cocaine user. To finance his drug addiction, Ramirez would routinely conduct burglaries, many of which were subsequently followed by rapes, attempted rapes, murders, and violence. Over the course of fourteen months, Ramirez’s murderous rampage terrified the people of Greater Los Angeles and then the San Francisco Bay Area. But in April 1984, he committed his first documented murder; this incident was not linked to Ramirez or understood to be his fault until 2009 (Bruno, August 2023). Ramirez employed a broad range of weaponry, such as tire irons, claw hammers, firearms, and several kinds of knives. He crushed at least one victim to death while she slept, pistol-whipped, strangled, and much more using his hands and, in one case, a rope. He also tormented another by shocking her with a live electrical line. Moreover, Ramirez frequently took pleasure in dehumanizing and humiliating his victims—especially those who managed to escape his attacks or whom he made the conscious decision not to murder. Ramirez was found guilty in 1989 on thirteen counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder, eleven counts of sexual assault, and fourteen counts of burglary (Bruno, August 2023). The judge who affirmed his nineteen death sentences said that the acts he committed showed “cruelty, callousness, and viciousness beyond any human understanding” (Bruno, August 2023). Ramirez never apologized for the crimes he committed. While awaiting treatment for complications from B-cell lymphoma, he passed away on June 7, 2013 (Bruno, August 2023). Additionally, some evidence found was a fingerprint which helped identify Ramirez. Six days after his last known murder, on August 30, 1985, Ramirez’s name and picture were made public (Bruno, August 2023). The next day, a guy in East Los Angeles reported seeing Ramirez and calling the police. After a chase, Ramirez attempted to steal an automobile but was stopped by onlookers and physically assaulted until law enforcement showed up. Ramirez, who identified as a Satanist, mentioned Satan several times throughout his court case; he even drew a pentagram on his palm. Early in 1989, his trial got underway, and in September, he was found guilty of 13 murders in addition to a long list of other offenses (Bruno, August 2023). As far as the court’s evidence, it seems as though they only found a fingerprint, which is quite sad because it shows this “one” individual could not be stopped/took many years to be stopped and they also  believe he was in charge of more murders, but could not prove it. The impression evidence was his shoe print identification because Ramirez had increased his level of aggressiveness by March 1985. In ten days, there were five additional attacks, and only one victim remained alive. Maria Hernandez managed to get away from Rosemead. Vincent and Maxine Zazzara’s Whittier residence was the scene of the third and fourth murders. A shoe print from a men’s Avia sneaker served as the authorities’ initial lead as to the identity of the Night Stalker.


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