Solving a Problem in Community

Solving a Mental Health Problem in My Community
Isdory Lyamuya
DeVry University
ENGL135, Advanced Composition
Professor Lori Henson
April 4, 2024
Solving a Mental Health Problem in My Community
The lack of readily accessible mental health care is a main concern in today’s fast-paced environment. Long lines to see mental health experts, high costs for treatment, and insufficient support for those undergoing mental health catastrophes are all symptoms of the difficult. Persistent stigmatization of mental health subjects makes matters worse by depressing people from getting the care they truly need. In addition, the subject is getting worse as of contemporary stresses, the COVID-19 pandemic’s upsetting effects on mental health, and the continuing financing disaster for mental health facilities. Existing capitals are being strained to their restrictions and beyond as the call for mental health services increases in tandem with the number of people experiencing these subjects (Moroz, et al. 2030). This is a serious difficult that impacts everybody in our community and the individuals they care about. We must not undervalue its impact. Difficulties with mental health may affect numerous aspects of an individual’s life, comprising their relationships, efficiency at work, and overall happiness. Everybody in our community can lead better, more satisfying lives if we fix the broken structure that stops them from getting the mental health care they necessity.
Causes and effects/ impact
Long wait times for schedules, a lack of low-cost counseling choices, and insufficient capitals for those going over mental health catastrophes are some of the causes why our community does not have adequate entree to mental health services. A diversity of negative results is brought about by these conditions, comprising improved stress, damaged relations, less output at work, and worsened overall health. Unmet mental health requirements hurt both persons and society at large, and the prevalent stigma related with mental health only makes matters worse by disheartening people from getting the conduct they need.
History of what’s been done and its effectiveness
There have been several community-based and government-led projects throughout the years aimed at improving access to mental health treatments. Nevertheless, the results have been inconsistent. Increased financing for mental health services and legislation to decrease wait times have been the focus of several measures, but problems remain. Efforts to drop stigma and inspire help-seeking conduct over community outreach agendas and alertness campaigns have met with minimal accomplishment (Moroz, et al. 2020). There is still an incessant need for creative and long-term reactions to the difficult of the difference among mental health care requirements and available cures, even though these initiatives have been operative.
Potential Solutions
Option 1: Implementation of Tele therapy or Online Counselling
The outline of teletherapy or online counseling stages might be a way to resolve the difficult of inadequate access to mental health cures. These platforms can decrease wait times and remove geographical hurdles by making aid more available and permitting individuals to get it from the suitability of their own homes (Barnett, et al. 2021). Though, some hurdles might hinder efficiency, such as an absence of computer literacy, privacy worries, and the trouble of offering in-person treatments for more thoughtful situations. Though, teletherapy has the possible to greatly upsurge accessibility and improve overall outcomes when added to present mental health cures.
Option 2: Establishment of Community-Based Mental Health Clinics or Centers
Community mental health clinics and services are another likely option. Individuals wouldn’t have to go far to get the low-priced mental health care they necessity at these centers, which would be situated in their neighborhoods. Personalized, culturally appropriate support that is relevant to the requirements of the community is one of the benefits, along with the possibility of less stigma and more help-seeking behavior (Ruud, 2021). Though, they may not be as operative as they may be due to difficulties with scalability, manpower scarcities, and insufficient finance. Though, by incorporating care into the fabric of local publics, community-based clinics show the possible to tackle the underlying motives for inadequate access to mental health facilities.
Recommended Solution
Advantages and disadvantages
One possible solution is to make mental health cures a part of primary care. Better access, fewer stigma, and easier care organization are some of the aids of this plan. Difficulties arise, though, when funding for amalgamation and training is insufficient, which might leave individuals with difficult mental health requirements untreated.
Costs and Benefits
Some benefits of joining mental health usages into primary care settings comprise easier entree and less stigma. However, there is an upfront investment necessary for training and infrastructure (Williams, et al. 2021). On the other hand, lower healthcare charges linked to untreated mental health worries and improved patient results are long-term benefits.
Implementation steps and expected outcomes
Training primary care specialists, comprising mental health screenings into unvarying cure, and generating referral networks to experts are all elements in the application process. The desired outcomes include better cure of mental health subjects in primary care settings, more patient gratification, and easier entree to timely therapies, all of which donate to better health results in the long run.
Finally, decreasing stigma and enlightening access are two objectives of primary care mental health incorporation. Stakeholders in healthcare must work together for application to proceed. To encourage healthy societies and individual well-being, I plead everybody to fight for this plan to promise equal entree to mental healthcare.
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