This assignment requires you to interview a special education teacher who works with students with severe/multiple disabilities. The interview will consist of the completion of


This assignment requires you to interview a special education teacher who works with students with severe/multiple disabilities. The interview will consist of the completion of the framework attached using the questions below. All questions and their corresponding answers must be included in the specific framework topic. All answers should be comprehensive and detailed; if needed follow up questions should be conducted. 

  • How do teachers understand the Multidisciplinary Evaluation including the condition (e. g, Fragile X), if any, of the students with disabilities in their classrooms?
  • What are specific areas of the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that are essential for teachers of students with severe/multiple disabilities to understand and implement? How do these areas of the IEP get implemented in the classroom setting?
  • How do teachers collaborate with the speech therapists, occupational therapists, counselors and other service providers that work with their students with severe/multiple disabilities?
  • What are some helpful tips on how to work with parents/guardians of students with severe/multiple disabilities?
  • How do students with severe/multiple disabilities provided time with their non-disabled peers? How can teachers (special and general education) increase these experiences? 
  • How do teachers advocate for students with severe/multiple disabilities (e.g., how do they make sure students with disabilities are not discriminated against based on their disability status)?
  • How are accommodations and/or adaptations applied in the classroom?
  • Can the teacher differentiate between standard and modified curriculum? How do teachers implement modified curriculum in the classroom? 
  • Describe their experience with the Florida Standards Alternate Assessment?
  • How do teachers monitor and assess the progress of their students severe/multiple disabilities in the classroom?
  • What resources do teachers use to plan differentiated instruction and to best address the varying levels of support required by each student?
  • Do teachers use Task Analysis to teach students with severe/multiple disabilities? Have them describe how it is used in the classroom?
  • Have teachers describe specific supports (e.g., paraprofessionals) that are needed to work with students with severe/multiple disabilities?
  • Do they provide Community Based Instruction (CBI) to their students with severe/multiple disabilities? How does CBI impact the students Transition IEP?
  • How do they engage parents, students and agencies in the development of the Transition IEP for students with severe/multiple disabilities? On annual basis how do they implement that Transition IEP?


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