This week, think about social work with family groups. Please select one of the following prompts as a starting point for your post: Your textbook describes the diversity of f


This week, think about social work with family groups.

Please select one of the following prompts as a starting point for your post:

  • Your textbook describes the diversity of family forms. How do you define the compositions of family?
  • Ecomaps and genograms are types of family assessments. Discuss at least one strength and one limitation of using these tools in practice. 
  • There are at least two aspects of families a social worker should focus on. Discuss what these are and why they are important.
  • Community resources can be invaluable. Share a link to a resource in your community that helps families. What is the mission of the agency and what services are offered?

Please note:

  • Do not create your post as a reply to the pinned post. Instead, use Yellowdig's Create option to create a new post.
  • Remember to practice the use of APA style for citations and references throughout the discussion activities in this course. All information not derived from your own knowledge or experience should include an in-text citation and a reference at the end of the post to show the reader where it came from. Use Academic WriterLinks to an external site. for guidance in citing sources in proper APA style. See the Writing CenterLinks to an external site. for more APA resources specific to your degree level.
  • Attaching an article, video, podcast, meme, et cetera, as part of your post is always a good idea, but remember that you will need to write sufficient text in the post to meet the required point total for the post. Points will not be earned for merely attaching the resource and submitting a post without any descriptive text.


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