Visit Dumbarton Oaks museum and select the piece of art that you like the best. Visit Dumbarton Oaks

Visit Dumbarton Oaks museum and select the piece of art that you like the best.
Visit Dumbarton Oaks museum and select the piece of art that you like the best. Do not select Pre-Colombian Art.You will do the research about the piece you selected, write your paper in Word, minimum 4 pages long.
Use BOOKS, as references, NOT websites. Paper should include title, intro, thesis, discussions, conclusions and citations (MLA or APA styles)
I have some pictures that I have taken at the museum. You can choose either one to do.
It will be due by the 11th Dec.You can choose either one of those pictures that I upload, or you can go to the museum website for more picturesJust make sure don’t choose the pre- Columbian Art and Music room section and don’t use website for informations ………………………..Answer Preview………………………..Famous playwrights from ages ago are usually of significance in the inspiration of modern playwrights. The modern ones get ideas on how to and how not to write plays, and therefore, used as guides. On this note, these playwrights grow their works to heights unthought-of. One of the famous playwrights is Menander who lived in ancient Greece and has been an inspiration to many, especially to those who love and incorporate happy endings in their works. This paper will help give a detailed look into the life of Menander, both…………………………………..APA1337 Words Added to cart

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